We are here to help

A typical handyman service would be smaller than jobs that would require an electrician, plumber, or a carpenter. There are too many services to list that can be placed before that cutoff, but as a general rule, even if you’re not sure if the job can be handled by a handyman, it’s easier and cheaper to inquire at this level before trying the next. Below are a few of the services Right 1 Handy provides to our customers. 

We do honest work at an honest rate. If job can be completed under two hours (our minimum labor rate), we will complete is under two hours.

With over 15 years of experience, we may not have seen it all, but we have definitely seen a lot. Upon inspection, we know if a job is one we can handle, immediately.

Our techs will always remain professional and respectful. Solving the problem at hand is our profession, and we take it seriously.

We stand behind our work, and pride ourselves performing the best fix possible for the situation. If a problem that we’ve fixed returns within 30 days, we will return to fix it with no labor charge, only parts.

Doors & Trim

Installation of hanging doors and trim, properly balanced and insulated. Doors removed. Doors repaired. Doors that stick or will not close. Locks and knobs replaced and re-keyed. Hinges shimmed. Doors trimmed. Strike plates lowered and raised.

Drywall Repair

Water damaged drywall. Cracked drywall. Drywall with holes. We replace and repair drywall in a matter of hours. Holes patched and sanded leaving the space ready for painting.


Repair posts and latches. Replace missing panels and/or rotted panels. Apply paint or stain. Entire fence install, or reset leaning or fallen posts.

Windows & Frames

Installation of pocket windows. Window frame repair to improve functionality.

Installation & Assembly

We install. We assemble. From furniture to shelving to hanging televisions and pictures, we have the tools and equipment to do the job right.

Service & Repair

Small repairs are right up our alley with plumbing, electrical, and carpentry issues. The ceiling fan switch no longer works, for example. Right 1 Handy can replace that switch in a cinch.

Fix a small problem now,
Or possibly fix a big problem later

It is the nature of most problems to grow. A rubbing door, becomes a sticking door, that then becomes a door that no longer opens or no longer closes, to finally a damaged door frame or door. Each issue costs more to fix than the one preceding it. So, the sooner an issue like this is fixed, the better.