Our Rates


Labor is charged per hour with a one hour minimum, plus parts

We charge the industry standard for handyman work, and while we cannot charge less than, we can assure you that the majority of our work is completed under our two hour minimum. We also offer flat rates for jobs that we are sure to pass two hours like door installations. We are trying to complete our jobs as quickly as possible for a quality result that meets the customer’s satisfaction, and our guarantee supports this.

Flat Rates

Here is a list of our flat rate services:

  • Hanging door plus trim install – $350  (Add $50 if we pick up door)
  • Wooden fence install – $25 per linear foot, to replace old fence with new (Add $100 for complete install, new post holes)

Fix a small problem now,
Or possibly fix a big problem later

It is the nature of most problems to grow. A rubbing door, becomes a sticking door, that then becomes a door that no longer opens or no longer closes, to finally a damaged door frame or door. Each issue costs more to fix than the one preceding it. So, the sooner an issue like this is fixed, the better.