Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, we cannot just do a minute by minute rate. The one hour minimum helps to cover know how, travel expenses, preparation,  and tool wear. Most jobs are not completed under thirty minutes, but in those rare cases, the one hour minimum helps to cover other expenses.

Yes, we do.

“We stand behind our work, and pride ourselves performing the best fix possible for the situation. If a problem that we’ve fixed returns within 30 days, we will return to fix it with no labor charge, only parts.”

No, all of our estimates are free; online, on the phone, or in person. If for some reason the job is more than we can handle, we will inform the customer, and there will be no charge.

Yes. We’ve got technicians in Waxahachie and other cities that are not in DFW, but we do the majority of our work in DFW.

No. It is convenient when the customer has the necessary parts, but our techs will gladly go and purchase the needed the materials and add it to the final bill. Sometimes this is best, because our techs often know best what to buy.

Fix a small problem now,
Or possibly fix a big problem later

It is the nature of most problems to grow. A rubbing door, becomes a sticking door, that then becomes a door that no longer opens or no longer closes, to finally a damaged door frame or door. Each issue costs more to fix than the one preceding it. So, the sooner an issue like this is fixed, the better.