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Handyman work is problem solving. With years of experience, Right 1 Handy can assist you with solving problems, small and large, efficiently, at an affordable price. Most of our work concerns light electrical, plumbing, painting, and carpentry, but beyond those areas we may be able to accommodate you. Just let us know how we can help by filling out the following form.

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About us

Professional. Timely. Efficient.

There is a delicate balance between completing a job quickly and completing it correctly. Some shortcuts will save a dollar now and cost many dollars later, so no cutting corners to cut costs. Right 1 Handy prides itself on doing the job right the first time, so there will not be a second time.

Fix a small problem now,
Or possibly fix a big problem later

It is the nature of most problems to grow. A rubbing door, becomes a sticking door, that then becomes a door that no longer opens or no longer closes, to finally a damaged door frame or door. Each issue costs more to fix than the one preceding it. So, the sooner an issue like this is fixed, the better.


A typical handyman service would be smaller than jobs that would require an electrician, plumber, or a carpenter. There are too many services to list that can be placed before that cutoff, but as a general rule, even if you're not sure if the job can be handled by a handyman, it's easier and cheaper to inquire at this level before trying the next. Below are a few of the services Right 1 Handy provides to our customers.


Installation. Removal. Repair. Locks and knobs replaced and rekeyed. Hinges shimmed. Doors trimmed. Strike plates lowered and raised.


Water damage. Cracks. Holes. Replace and repair drywall in  a matter of hours. Holes patched and sanded leaving the space ready for paint.


Repair posts and latches. Replace missing panels and/or rotted panels. Apply paint or stain. Entire fence install, or reset leaning or fallen posts.

Miscellaneous Installations & Repairs

Ceiling fans. Light fixtures. Blinds. Chandeliers. Television mounting. Electrical outlets. Furniture assembly. Shelf hanging. Painting. Limb cutting. Etc.

Happy Customers

Our customers appreciate a job well done.

"The blinds were amazing!"
Linnae Mondesir
Fort Worth, Texas
"Both my front door and back door were a struggle to close. A Right 1 Handy tech repaired them in less than two hours."
Susan Abernathy
Arlington, Texas

The Right 1 Handy Guarantee

We stand behind our work, and pride ourselves performing the best fix possible for the situation. If a problem that we’ve fixed returns within 7 days (or longer depending upon the nature of the repair), we will return to fix it with no labor charge, only parts.